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Spellcasters (Book 1)

Welcome to Spellcroft Street, where ancient magic meets girl power! Four friends channel the magical abilities of their ancestors to protect their community in this empowering, action-packed new series for readers aged 7+.

New girl in town Jenny is thrilled to make three new friends who share her love of music. They form a band called THE SPELLCASTERS, but when an ancient evil spirit escapes from its underground lair, the girls discover that they have something even more special in common - they can all channel the magical powers of their ancestors! Maya can shapeshift, Tamzin can control nature, and Ananya can read minds. But to stop the evil Graydig from destroying their beloved community centre, Jenny must travel back in time to ancient China to master her own supernatural ability . . .

This empowering magical adventure series will cast a spell over readers aged 7+!

Crystal Sung is the pen name of Tania Tay, who writes fiction and screenplays. She was born and bred in East London/Essex and is one of the BBC's Writers Room London Voices for 2021. Her unpublished YA novel, Lovespell, was longlisted for a Children's Novel Award in 2019. Her passion for storytelling started when she was a child, using an old-fashioned typewriter to adapt fairy tales into scripts. She loves exploring stories involving motherhood and friendship, with a dark or supernatural twist.

Wendy Tan is a Chinese-Malaysian artist, who loves using illustration to tell stories through her work, often implementing dramatic color and light. During her free time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family and her puppy, Lucky.

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