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Destiny Ink: Sleepover Surprise (Book 1)

A brilliant new highly-illustrated chapter book series for 5+ readers. Destiny uses her creativity to overcomes her worries. Perfect for readers moving on from Tom Percival's BIG BRIGHT FEELINGS picture books and fans of JOJO & GRAN GRAN.

Destiny can't wait to go for her first ever sleepover at her best friend's house. But she also can't help feeling a little worried ... they're going to camp outside in the garden - in a tent - but also in the dark! Destiny uses her trusty sketchbook to doodle her ideas and work through her worries. She even draws some monsters but that makes her feel a bit scared again, so she makes a tent in her room to practice in. When she goes to bed, she hears some noises from the tent and finds a monster inside!

But the monster isn't frightening. He's come for a sleepover but he's not sure he's ready. Can Destiny help him? After they try midnight snacks, dressing up and telling stories under the stars, Destiny realises there's nothing to be worried about after all! The next morning, the monster has disappeared, but Destiny is more ready for a sleepover than ever!

Adeola Sokunbi

Adeola Sokunbi is a writer-illustrator from London. She is an obsessive doodler and lover of fantasy stories. She also writes her own graphic novels. She studied Computer Visualisation and Animation at Bournemouth University. Adeola works for an animation company as a Studio Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist.

Adeola Sokunbi

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