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Welcome to StoryBridge!

Connecting Families through Inclusive Storytelling: A Resource for Parents, Carers and Librarians to Start their own Bookclub

Welcome to the StoryBridge Newsletter! This is a space where we bridge the gap between children and the grown ups in their lives through the power of shared stories.

Created by Jasmine Richards, an award-winning author and editor of children’s fiction, this newsletter brings you inclusive reads perfect for 9-12 year old's, creative writing insights, and an opportunity for deep, meaningful conversations with the children in your life. We invite you to join us on a storytelling journey to aid a broader understanding of the world around us and to foster a love of reading outside of school.

did you know?

​5 Powerful Facts About Reading Outside of School

  • Boosts Academic Performance: Children who read for fun regularly perform better academically than those who don't
  • More Impactful Than Socio-economic Status: A child's enjoyment of reading has a greater influence on their educational success than their family's economic background
  • Reading for pleasure Boosts Vocabulary: Kids who read books outside of school know 26 per cent more words than those who never read, according to researchers at the Centre for Longitudinal Studies
  • Predictor of Reading Achievement: Independent reading is the strongest predictor of reading achievement, not just in the UK but globally
  • Brings Emotional and Social Benefits: Beyond improving literacy, reading for fun contributes to a child's emotional and social development, and can reduce stress by up to 68%
Also, centering storytelling that celebrates diversity and inclusion is a direct pathway to empathy and understanding. As well as being a writer, Jasmine is the founder of StoryMix, an inclusive fiction incubator and she passionately believes that all kids should get to be the hero.

Our book suggestions, conversation starters, sneak peeks into the minds of authors and illustrators will spark joy, discussion and a love of reading.

our aim

  • Give children the reading bug via our inclusive and age appropriate book recommendations
  • Offer advice to help and guide shared reading experiences as a family or group
  • Deliver a curated list of stories from an expert in children’s publishing that will foster empathy and understanding in children
  • Provide toolkit for starting your own family book club including discussion questions for each spotlighted book
  • Share access to exclusive content from featured writers
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Join StoryBridge today and start your own Family Book Club.
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