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Future Hero: Mission to the Shadow Sea (Book 2)

The second book in a major new series: FUTURE HERO - featuring high-octane adventure, perfect for fans of Black Panther and Beast Quest!

Destiny is Calling...

When Jarell discovers that the fantasy world he is obsessed with doodling is actually real, he is launched into an incredible adventure.

Ulfrika, the land of his ancestors, is in trouble and he is the hero they need.

In this second book, he must return to Ulfrika to prevent the rise of the sorcerer Ikala. Kimisi takes him to the court of the river goddess and they strike a deal. If they help her by finding a cure for a terrible curse, she will give them the Iron Crocodile for the staff of Kundiata. The path ahead will not be easy. A dangerous foe lies in wait for them in this Underwater Kingdom...

A winning blend of future tech gadgets and a fantasy world inspired by the mythology of Africa and its diaspora.

Jarell, an ordinary boy who loves to draw, is the chosen one to save the world of Ulfrika.

Told in accessible short chapters, filled with action and humour, this is a fun fast-paced adventure.

Look out for other titles in the series: Future Hero: Race to Fire Mountain, Future Hero: Escape from the Sand City.

Remi Blackwood

Remi Blackwood is the collective pen name for the team of up-and-coming writers Chiemeka Nicely and Isaac Hamilton-McKenzie, and Jasmine Richards, who are passionate about telling exciting and magical stories that explore the mythologies of the African Diaspora.

Alicia Robinson

Illustrator Alicia Robinson enjoys creating impactful characters that will inspire audiences and bringing authentic, diverse narratives to life. Her work is often influenced by nostalgia, pop culture and identity.

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