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Magic Faces: Superhero Mega Mission (Book 2)

Open the magic face paints and adventure awaits . . .

The magic face paints have transformed Austin, Alanna and sausage dog Ozzy into superheroes! When two supervillains, Foul Prune and Brains, swoop into the busy City Museum in a flying machine, they steal a priceless gem and Austin and Alanna narrowly escape being hit with their Freeze Ray. Alanna Storm and Austin Steel must track the supervillains down, return the gem and save the museum before their time in this superhero world runs out!

Esi Merleh is the pen name for Stella Botchway, doctor, writer and lover of fantasy.

Abeeha Tariq is a Pakistani-Irish freelance illustrator and teacher, currently based in the UK. She was shortlisted for the 2020 FAB Prize in Illustration and illustrated her first children's picture book, The Grumpy Field Mouse, in the same year.

Look out for other titles in the series: Magic Faces: Heroes of the Pirate Ship, Magic Faces: Monster Mayhem

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