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Secret Beast Club: The Unicorns of Silver Street (Book 1)

Join the club, find the magic!

The first book in a BRILLIANT new series brimming with adventure, friendship and an amazing array of magical creatures! A must-read for fans of Beast Quest, The Boy Who Grew Dragons and The Naughtiest Unicorn.

"The world is full of magical spaces, hidden from sight by Bewilder Bubbles where all kinds of amazing Secret Beasts live . . It's my job to make sure the Bewilder Bubbles remain invisible and the creatures within are kept safe." Leila said.
Jayden shook his head, his eyes wide. "Impossible."
"Impossible or I'm possible? It really depends on how you look at it," shrugged Leila.

Aisha and Jayden are definitely not fans of Outside.

Aisha would rather be home playing on her tablet or messaging her friends.

Jayden thinks the worlds inside his books are much more exciting than the real one beyond his window.

But when they are asked to join the Secret Beast Club, a centuries-old secret group that protects mythological creatures, Aisha and Jayden discover that real magic could be closer than they think . . . you just have to know where to look . . .

Inspired by the real life story of Pablo Fanque - the first Black circus owner - and featuring fun facts about the magical creatures within each story, this exciting new series for 6+ readers is not to be missed!

Robin Birch is the pen name for Rachael Davies who studied Mathematics at Oxford University and then went to work in Finance. When her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Rachael decided life was too short to not do what you love. She left her job, did a Master's in English Literature at Surrey University, became a full-time writer, and has never looked back. Rachael lives in Hampshire with her husband and two young daughters.

Her first picture book, I am NOT a Prince!, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize in 2023 and is published by Hachette in early 2022, with illustrations by Beatrix Hatcher. She’s also working with Flying Eye on a
non-fiction book for children.

Jobe Anderson is an illustrator based in Birmingham. He enjoys working with wacky scenarios and making short comics. Jobe's clients include The Ikon Gallery, Battersea Arts Centre, Twitter, Electronic Dojo and Penguin Books.

Look out for the second title in the series: Secret Beast Club: The Dragons of Emerald Yard.

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