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Author Reading | Future Hero: Escape from the Clay City

Destiny is Near… The land of Jarell's ancestors is still not safe, and he must return if he is to stop the sorcerer Ikala from gaining power. Together with the help of Kimisi, and their new ally Bo-de, the trio must journey to a city of clay if they are to find what they need to defeat their enemy. But danger lies ahead...

Future Hero: Escape from the Clay City is out tomorrow! This is the third installment of a high-octane adventure series for 7+ readers, perfect for fans of Black Panther and Beast Quest. To celebrate Jarell’s third adventure hitting bookstores tomorrow, author Isaac Hamilton McKenzie (who co-writes Future Hero under the pen name Remi Blackwood) has a very special sneak peek to share from chapter 2!

In this reading, Jarell speaks to Kimisi through Legsy's magic barbershop mirror. The land of Ulfrika needs him to return... Jarell is the Future Hero and must journey to the Clay City to find the Iron Snake if he wants to stop the evil Ikala from taking over. Legsy warns him he's not ready to go back just yet, but Jarell takes the plunge and returns through the portal, ready for his next quest…

Can’t wait to find out what happens next? There’s still time to pre-order your copy of Future Hero: Escape from the Clay City! If you’re new to the series, you can catch up on books 1 and 2 over at Buy Our Books. In the meantime, you can find Isaac on Instagram @isaac.mckenzie or over on Twitter @isaachmck. Make sure you’re following @storymixstudio for regular updates on Future Hero and more exclusive content!


The Future Hero series is written by Remi Blackwood, the pen name for writing team Jasmine Richards, Isaac McKenzie and Chiemeka Nicely. These adventures are illustrated throughout by Alicia Robinson and Deise Lino, and published by Scholastic in the UK and US.


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