The How. 

STORYMIX is a fiction production company that creates books that matter. Every concept is conceived by our founder Jasmine Richards and is further developed by a skilled team of storyliners and editors. We craft outstanding children's series with an inclusive cast of characters, fantastic worldbuilding and thrilling plots. We help publishers meaningfully increase the number of inclusive titles they publish each year. 

Our team creates in a variety of ways. For some projects we work exclusively with a publisher at an early stage of development. For other projects, we will present publishers with the full proposal and writing sample. We can also respond to specific requests, opportunities and ideas from a publisher or other media owners to create an inclusive story property for children. 
Here are our three phases for early partnerships with publishers:
blackboard  slate to denote new ideas for inclusive children's books


 The Slate 


We present a slate of ideas as top line pitches for a publisher to choose from and come on board as an exclusive early partner.

Similar to how treatments are developed for TV, the publisher will contribute a development fee which guarantees exclusivity as the concept is finessed and writing samples are commissioned. It also means the publisher can have input into the development of an idea at an early stage.

The development fee ensures we can pay writers to sample for our projects as we believe that not paying is a barrier to some and affects representation in children's fiction.

The advance level will also be discussed at this point but paying an upfront development fee keeps our advance requirements low. This development fee will also go against royalty earnings on the first wave of publishing in any series.

BAME writers for children having a lightbulb moment


 In Development

In this second phase, an idea from the slate is worked up into a concept treatment by the STORYMIX team.

This treatment will take the form of a series proposal, synopsis, cast list and chapter breakdown. We then find our perfect voice for the project by commissioning writing samples. 

STORYMIX develops and launches BME voices in children's fiction. Writers are able to hone and showcase their craft with our stories. We work with writing talent at all stages in their careers, be they published, self-published, unpublished, agented or unagented. 


Green Light for more inclusivity in children's books



The Green Light

Once we are sure our proposal and writing sample is as strong and compelling as possible, we present to our partner publisher. The decision to green light or not is made.  

If greenlit, we grant world rights to the publisher, and the writer is then commissioned to produce a full manuscript. Proposals not greenlit remain with STORYMIX.