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Why We Make Stories

Representation in children's fiction matters. So we create heroes for every child and give every child the opportunity to be a hero.

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How We Make Stories

We create in a variety of ways. We can respond to a brief from a publisher, media company or brand or develop  proposals and samples based on what we have on our slate of projects.


Write For Us

STORYMIX is keen to work with Black and Minority Ethnic writers and illustrators who like working collaboratively and are attracted to the idea of working to a brief.

Jasmine Richards Founder of Storymix

Meet The Founder

Meet Jasmine Richards, author, screenwriter, editor and founder of STORYMIX.

We Imagine Differently

STORYMIX is a fiction studio. This means we work like a movie producer but for books! We find the right talent and pair them up with an idea we have developed in-house.  We are experts in creating children's stories that put kids of colour in the centre of narratives filled with joy and adventure. Representation matters to us.
Our IP development company produces high quality, high concept books for publishers, and works with emerging and established writers and illustrators from Black and Minority Ethnic [BAME] backgrounds to create paid publishing opportunities and give a platform to talent.

Our stories are guaranteed to thrill and entertain as well as reflect the diversity of the world around us.

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