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We create outstanding inclusive stories for children's publishers by working with talented writers and illustrators from diverse backgrounds.

We craft stories that put kids and teens of colour at the heart of the action. We discover voices, nurture talent and open up publishing opportunities for racially minoritized writers and illustrators.


Commercial storytelling that changes the conversation is our activism and legacy. 

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STORYMIX is a multi-award winning fiction studio. This means we work like a movie producer but for books! We find the right talent and pair them up with an idea we have developed in-house.  We are experts in creating children's stories that put kids of colour in the centre of narratives filled with joy and adventure.


Representation matters to us.
Our IP development company produces high quality, high concept books for publishers, and works with emerging and established writers and illustrators from Black and Minority Ethnic backgrounds to create paid publishing opportunities and give a platform to talent.

Our stories are guaranteed to thrill and entertain as well as reflect the diversity of the world around us.

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STORYMIX is a fiction production company that creates books that matter. We help publishers meaningfully increase the number of inclusive titles they publish each year.


Our team creates in a variety of ways.  For some projects we work exclusively with a publisher at an early stage of development.


For other projects, we will present publishers with the full proposal and writing sample when we go out on submission.


We can also respond to specific requests, opportunities and ideas from a publisher or other media owners to create an inclusive story property for children. 


STORYMIX is keen to work with Black and Minority Ethnic writers and illustrators who like working collaboratively and are attracted to the idea of working to a brief.

It doesn’t matter if you have been a writer for many years or are just starting out.


What does matter is that you love telling stories and have an engaging voice which is appealing to children or teens. 


You also need to be responsive and open to the editorial process and able to work to a brief and a deadline!


Inclusivity in children's fiction matters.  If young readers from under-represented backgrounds continue not to see themselves in books then they will choose other media that reflects them better.

We make our books for those kids and all kids. We create these stories for every parent, carer and educator who has felt the frustration at the lack of authentic representation. 

Inclusivity or the lack of it affects all of us. Children exposed to different cultures, viewpoints and backgrounds grow up to understand the world better and change the world for the better. 
Tania Tay, Spellcasters, Hachette

"I’m a copywriter and have been writing fiction for some years, but until now, have only had short stories published. Writing to the Storymix editors’ storyline has taught me how to structure a novel. They had a brilliant concept and great characters that I enjoyed bringing alive. It was so fun to add specific details, character personality and dialogue, without having to angst about the plot. The team is incredibly experienced, hugely creative and always open to discussions. It’s been a real joy to work with them and bring the Spellcasters stories alive."

Tania Tay writing as Crystal Sung on Spellcasters, published by Hachette.

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